Let me explain you what the Flash Sale is:

flash sale

Once per week CropBytes hosts a sale where you can get Land, Trees, Animals and much more for the “flash prices” – the base price of the asset. This is usually also the lowest price of the asset and that is why I recommend you to plan and be online during Flash Sales.

Now that you know the definition, let’s get into the details. Beware that as mentioned those are the cheapest prices, so that means that everyone will want to buy assets during the Flash Sale.  With that said you will have only seconds to try and buy as many game assets as you want after mostly 40-120 seconds the sale is over.

Facts about Flash Sale:

  • It takes place once per week on Sunday at 2:30 PM (GMT)
  • It lasts only seconds, usually around 45-60 seconds
  • Every week there are different game assets for sale
  • Cheapest prices

Tips for the Flash Sale:

  • Make a plan on what you want to buy BEFORE the flash sale!
  • Be fast and just start buying as soon as the pages refreshes
  • If you tried to buy something and you couldn’t, it’s probably already sold
  • Don’t get discouraged after your first Flash Sale, almost everyone didn’t manage to get anything good the first time. Just learn from it and you will certainly do better next Sunday 🙂
  • Use your phone AND your computer to be faster
  • If the page get’s stuck, just keep on refreshing (F8)

Here is a video of one flash sale(on a phone)  provided to me by Dany – a Cropbytes Farmer:

Hope this tutorial helps all new players. I will keep on updating it and please if you have any questions or recommendations – leave a comment!

Thank you!

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