Hello Farmers,

So to begin with let’s start exploring this wonderful world of this cryptocurrency-based Game! Most of you have probably heard of farming games, right?

The concept is simple – you grow assets like trees, animals and crops and they produce extracts like milk, wool and fruits for you in a period of time.

Here is an example:
You can buy the “Starter Pack” for 1200TRX which contains:

  • 1 x A2 Hen (75TRX)
  • 1 x B Rooster (90TRX)
  • 1 x B1 Cow (300TRX)
  • 1 x 1×1 Crop Land (500TRX)
  • 1 x Black Shine (200TRX)

So if you buy it, you will own 4x Animals (that will require Corn Feed every day and Fruit Feed every Sunday) and 1x Crop Land (which will require Water and Seeds every 1.5days)

Every day you will get:
Milk from your Cow and Black Shine (dairy animals),
Game Cards (which you can exchange for assets or TRX) from your A2 Hen and B Rooster(birds) and Corn Crop from your Crop Land.

Visual explanation!

Now lets get the basics straight:

There are four major assets in CropBytes:

  • Crop Land: Water and seeds are required to start the cultivation process.
    It takes 36 hours for the crops to be harvested. (Right now only corn seeds are available, many more coming soon.)
  • Trees: They just need water, and will produce fruits in 5days.
  • Food grinding mills: Animals eat ground food, so crops need to be processed. Once your crop or fruits are harvested, you can rent out a mill from other players to grind and convert them into food.
  • Livestock: Animals have health bars, If they are not fed on time, their health will reduce & eventually they will stop producing extracts until you bring them back to health.

Furthermore you can chose one of three roles in CropBytes or all:

Grow crops and trees. Raise and breed animals. Collect extracts, resources, and sell them in the market. Organize your farming activities for higher output.

Trade assets, resources, and game cards. Predict the market, Hold and sell as per market demand. The game works on real business economics and has an Intuitive trading interface. Play wisely and grow your earnings.

Invest in rare, high-value assets like islands, food mills, windmills, etc. These assets grow in value over time and give regular returns.

More details coming soon – make sure to check out the Game Assets and the Knowledge Base for further Info on the assets!

Leave a comment if you have questions and hope you like it!

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