What is Cropbytes?
“A farming simulation game, where you can earn TRX as you build your farming empire. ” This guide will help you get started with the game.

Let us introduce you to CropBytes:



Grow crops and trees. Raise and breed animals. Collect extracts, resources, and sell them in the market. Organize your farming activities for higher output.


Trade assets, resources, and game cards. Predict the market, Hold and sell as per market demand. The game works on real business economics and has an Intuitive trading interface. Play wisely and grow your earnings.


Make profits in Tron(TRX) when you sell your assets. Reinvest the money or take it home.

You have found this website – that is the first step into the world of CropBytes!

Good job! So to get you started first you have to sign up on CropBytes.com and fill out your name, username, email and password.

Use a referral code to get 200TRX bonus after your first deposit!(Ours is: N4C6T5 )

TA-DAA now you can log in! To get you started you will have to deposit some TRON(TRX) to your in-game wallet.(If it doesn’t arrive instantly contact them via support@cropbytes.com and they will assist you)

FYI You will have to confirm every withdrawal via your mail so make sure its working!

Furthermore you have the possibility of playing the game on three different platforms:

The next step would be for you to sign in on both the apps(or browser). In the CropBytes App, you have to name your farm and place it in your preferred location.
**You canโ€™t change the location of your farm once placed.

Thats what it looks like!

Done – now you are all set up to dive in the world of CropBytes! Check out the prices of the assets under this link: click before you start paying too much on the market – players love to double the prices and also check out when the next Flash Sale will be under this link – so you can buy some cheap assets! ๐Ÿ™‚

A good first purchase would be the “Starter Pack” you can buy it here for 1200TRX

This is it for now and please check out the “Cropbytes Gameplay Explained” post for more information about the game play!

Thank you and leave some comments ๐Ÿ™‚


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