This Website is dedicated to the original TRX Based Game: CropBytes

A Game of business, Earn real profits.
Farm, trade or invest in the farming business with real crypto-currency. Earn returns and cash out.

Here you will find all the resources you need to understand this amazing TRON(TRX) based farming game.

Let us introduce you to CropBytes:



Grow crops and trees. Raise and breed animals. Collect extracts, resources, and sell them in the market. Organize your farming activities for higher output.


Trade assets, resources, and game cards. Predict the market, Hold and sell as per market demand. The game works on real business economics and has an Intuitive trading interface. Play wisely and grow your earnings.


Make profits in Tron(TRX) when you sell your assets. Reinvest the money or take it home.


More coming very soon!