In this post we will show you the fastest and cheapest way to buy some TRON(TRX) and transfer it to your CropBytes Wallet!

What you will need:

*Email Account
*Copy of your Documents
*Credit Card

Let’s begin:

First you will need to register to and also verify your account!

Afterwards you will be able to buy and sell crypto currencies as much as you want, but most importantly buy and send TRX(TRON) Tokens.

We recommend you to purchase BTC or ETH via Credit Card and then exchange it for TRX.

After you have some TRX in your Binance Wallet, you can press the “Withdrawal” button and you will be able to enter your CropBytes TRX Wallet. See the photo below if you are having troubles finding your CropBytes Wallet:

Click here to go to your wallet

Remember to transfer only TRX Tokens to this wallet other cryptos will not arrive! Minimum amount is 100 TRX!

So that’s it now after confirming the withdrawal in Binance – you will receive the TRX in your CropBytes Wallet.

If you have any difficulties please contact support under: They are very friendly and respond fast!

That’s it for now and remember to leave some comments if you have questions or recommendations!


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